365 days ago, the immigration officer said “enjoy the adventure”, as she handed me back my passport. I had sticky cheeks from the tears I had been shedding earlier, already missing my friends and then boyfriend in Chicago.

365 days since then:

- I have worked for 4 of the biggest fashion events & 2 fashion design companies.

- I have learned more about my craft.

- I watched my favorite designer’s fashion show in person.

- I did the thing I never thought I’d do: waitressing.

- I have been made to feel like less of a human by being scolded for serving a salad without avocado.

- I have been given a tip higher than my hourly wage, after telling the table I was going to visit Melbourne.

- I have never lived with more people/ boys in one house before, each person bringing with them their stories and unexpected weekend antics. Most of the housemates, I never would have met otherwise. 

- Finding all sorts of creatures in the house, especially at night, became the norm.

- I stood at a cliff’s edge; only being able to see the stars above and hear the crashing waves below.

- I have looked up at the night’s sky with the largest bats I’d ever seen flying above me. 

- The guy told me he had fallen for me, as we were rock climbing.

- I had my heart broken the next day.

- I have probably doubled my bikini collection.

- I have hopped through the city streets, trying to avoid coming close to those damn cockroaches. 

- We danced salsa next to the Opera House, with only his phone playing the music as loud as it could. 

- We ate pizza and spoke about philosophy on my balcony, only lit by 2 candles and watched over the Glebe streets, never knowing when one of the neighbors would start their weekly fights.

After 365 days, I stepped on a plane with sticky, tear soaked cheeks, heading towards New Zealand.

First sight of New Zealand. 

Toy and Jared came along to the airport with me. 

Li made a wonderful lunch for my last day at Brigid McLaughlin. 

Not much to see in the distance due to the rain but still impressive. 

Bush walk in the Blue Mountains. 

Rainy day at the Blue Mountains with Jared. 

The Baxter Inn

Throwing the rugby ball around at Bondi, as the sun sets.

Wet suit hanging out the window at Bondi

The tan at Tamarama

Looking back at Bronte, on the way to Tamarama. 

View of Bronte on the coastal walk

The surf at Bronte

Coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi